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The Truth About Us


We are The Green Park, the first and only Industrial Park and Free Zone in Latin America that meets LEED requirements.  What makes us different is that we are environmentally sustainable. This virtue is what makes us unique.

The Green Park belongs to the Guerrero Group, a business conglomerate from El Salvador, whose expertise lies in more than 30 years of experience in developing Industrial Parks and Free Zones.

The Guerrero Group’s knowledge on design, development, building and administration of successful Industrial Parks and free zones allows it to host over 50 companies that include 15.000 employees.

Business Model

The Green Park has developed and is building the very first Free Zone in Latin America with its core business focused on environmental sustainability, combined with economic performance in order to benefit not only its costumers, but society as well.

The Green Park provides its services based on the experience of more than three decades in construction of Industrial Parks and Free Zones in the region. Our strategy is focused on offering competitive prices, deploying staff that stands out for its compromise, dedication and enthusiasm for its work, and of course, our human touch.

The Green Park offers its services to international companies interested in our environmental model. We are committed to support your operation permanently, taking care of all your a long -term needs.


  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Trajectory
  • Business strength
  • Endeavor

Our Services:

  • -Free zone taxes, regulations and incentives
  • -Modern buildings
  • -Option to buy or lease
  • -State of the art infrastructure
  • -24 hour security
  • -Waste management
  • -Abundant availability of labor force
  • -Fully redundant electrical grid
  • -Five minutes away from the International Airport
  • -HR support
  • -Park maintenance

Areas of Excellence

  • Product Development

The Green Park’s drive is to maintain leadership in environmental sustainability in building construction in order to meet our costumer’s expectation, while regarding environmental worldwide protection standards and preserving natural resources.

The Green Park´s drive is to meet our costumer’s expectation when it comes to their building construction, yet maintaining leadership in environmental sustainability practices by regarding environmental worldwide protection standards and preserving natural resources.

  • Sales and Services

The Green Park must develop outstanding sales and service plans, focused on a close business interpersonal relationship, to capture clients that value our principles of Environmental Sustainability, thus not risking our leadership in this matter.