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Designed from the ground up to be sustainable, The Green Park offers a work environment with all the regulations and incentives that businesses expect from a free zone.  We were born to be certified by the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), making us the first ones in Latin America to be worthy of this distinction.

Yes, we were born Green and that make us unique.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Use of alternative energies
  • Improvement in environmental quality
  • Efficiency in water consumption
  • Sustainable development of green zones
  • Adequate selection of materials
  • Zone of construction

Our advanced industrial lots offer the most modern technology and the highest quality standards in sustainability, safety and wholesomeness, making The Green Park the ideal business complex for technology industries.

Advanced technologies also translate into a better work environment for employees and a more efficient resource management.

The Green Park makes use of renewable energy and other resources to meet the highest industry standards, not only Latin American, but worldwide. Renewable resources are those that may be replenished through a naturally occurring process with the passing of time

We are devoted to provide our customers with an infrastructure and processes that comply with sustainable practices, which in return will have a positive impact on the company´s expenses. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, with a zero hydrological effect.

These environmentally sustainable practices are what tip the scale when it comes to choosing the Green Park for your business endeavor.

We are not a Free Zone that has attempted to adapt or transform to meet sustainable expectations. We achieved it because we were born green!

The Green Park was created to be a superb example on how to integrate the environment, sustainable practices and highest technology on a masterpiece design. The Free Zone counts with 19.000 square meters of green areas, not only to be used as social areas, but also to open a niche and protect local biodiversity.